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Thursday, March 25, 2010

1st Post

I decided that I would create a blog as a way to document my journey through my next hip surgery. I know that there are thousands of blogs that deal with people and their health struggles. I don't know if anybody will ever read this, but I know that putting things into writing is extremely beneficial; especially when recovering from surgery (since this is round two of my hip surgeries). So if nobody ever reads this, at least I have an outlet to vent my frustrations & document my victories as I take on this next challenge.

A couple of days ago I went to my orthopaedic surgeon to discuss what should be done about my left hip since it is locking on me and causing me pain every single day. We decided that a left hip arthroscopy would be the best bet of alleviating my symptoms. So I signed the papers to schedule the surgery and will be getting it done as soon as I come home from school (end of May early June).

I found it interesting that the surgeon was so eager to do the scope since he hadn't even seen any of my radiographs or an MRI of the hip. I guess that my subjective symptoms and hip examination were enough to make him confident that my labrum is in fact torn and that hip arthroscopy would be the best bet. Maybe it is because I had the same thing on the other side (except the locking was not present on my right prior to having surgery). Also, during my hip exam he go a whammy of a clunk out of my hip that made his jaw drop to the floor and asking over and over if I was alright. All I could think was, "at least it clunked here to show you that something is going on intra-articularly." I am convinced that the clunk plus my complaints of pain and locking were enough.

Now, I have to have an MRI arthrogram because he needs it to plan the surgery. I need to manage to get the MRI arthrogram through my school's health insurance plan. I hope that they cover the entire cost of the procedure. My orthopaedic surgeon said that it is a routine procedure and that they should cover all of the costs. Here's hoping they do! Once I get back to school after Spring Break is over I will set the test up and then go from there.