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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Labral Reconstruction Here I Come!

I got an email today from the doctor saying that a labral reconstruction is the best way to go. I may require microfracture depending on the state of the cartilage inside the hip. I have had delamination removed twice before so I wouldn't put it past my darn hip to require it. I will have to stay in Vail for one week total and will be on crutches for 4 - 8 weeks depending on what exactly is done.

Now the problem of logistical planning begins. When do I have it done? Will my insurance company pay for it? (which is probably as soon as I send Dr. P my PT notes and get another hip injection :S). How do I pay for the flights, hotel, equipement? Since I am in a crazy amount of debt the financial aspect of this whole traveling for surgery is really making me nervous. But, at this point, I'd pay all the money I own (ok, that isn't a good analogy since I am in debt, but the point still stands) to get my hip fixed and live pain-free.

Just waiting for a phone call and I can get a better idea of how I can fit this into my life and how this is going to shake down. But....there is still hope for my hips!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I May Be Able To Be Fixed !!!

I got a call from Dr. P's office a couple of days ago stating that he had reviewed my case and based on his judgement (although not clinical at the moment), he believes that I qualify for his treatment. Which means I may be able to be fixed! I am trying to not get too excited over this since I have had two previous surgeons tell me that they could fix my hip. But, Dr. P is a big-wig and hopefully can help my hip.

As it stands now, I have to fill out 15 pages and fax it to his office then I will get a call within 24 hours from his office and I will discuss my treatment plan with somebody from his office. Heaven for bid I'd be able to actually speak with him. But, as long as I can figure out what needs to be done, I suppose this will suffice.

I am quite anxious that he will say that I should get fixed sooner rather than later in order to increase the chances of a successful surgery. I only say this since I had read a study by him a while back where he noted that the sooner the person has the reconstruction, the better the outcome. If this is the case I would certainly have to get it done asap since I really want this hip to be fixed. But, perhaps I'll be able to hold out to next summer or something. Ideally, I'd love to finish up my schooling (which ends in 2 years), but at this point I really don't think that I could handle being on my feet for the next two years in this state. I am only 11 weeks post-op and figure that I will still heal some more at this point, but the groin pain is still quite significant at the moment.

I should have a verdict at the beginning of this upcoming week and will def post when I get the news. eep!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Reading Old Posts

I had previously kept a blog that chronicled my first hip scope. I was flipping through it to see how I felt at the 9 week mark for my first scope on the right side. Although I couldn't find the exact post I got reading and it made me very sad. I was so positive and hopeful that my one surgery was going to be it for me and my hip troubles. When my left hip started hurting I read about me complaining about the possibility of having another hip scope. If I ever knew that I'd need two more scopes and then a reconstruction I probably would have died. I suppose that is why we are unable to see the future.

I am really going through a rough time right now. I hurt so much. Every step I take, my hip and back hurts. My back even hurts when I breathe while I am lying in bed. I just feel like everything from my bellybutton to my knees is inflamed and hurts. I hate to continuously having to take medication, but I really can't function without taking something.

I have to apologize for this blog turning into a sob story each time I post. I really am not a depressing type of person, but I have to have an outlet for my feelings. I don't feel like I can complain to anybody but my Mum...and even she can only listen to so much complaining. Currently my Dad is dealing with a sore knee and he complains non-stop about it. This makes me want to share even less with the people around me. I hate complaining but I suppose complaining anonymously on the Internet is a safer outlet at the moment. It isn't that I don't have support in my life, I just can't complain 24/7 about my throbbing hip and back.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Post Op 9 Weeks and Survived First 55 Hr Week

So I am now a couple of days past my 9 week post op date and officially survived my first 55 hour week at the hospital. It was not easy to say the least and now that is the weekend I am so thrilled to be off my feet and lounging around. I definitely know by my pain levels that my hip is not right, but I hope that I can suck it up. Right now I am taking 1g of Tylenol three times a day (and add in some codeine at night to help sleep).

My physiotherapy has stopped progressing since I am so tired and sore that I can't do my exercises after I get home from the hospital and my ROM is still very stiff and sore. I can bend to about 90* of flexion and no internal rotation. I think that the physio is still helping me maintain what motion I do have, but it is just not progressing as I would wish.

My SI joint/lower lumbar area is so incredibly sore that it hurts to lie down and breathe. I am slightly worried about this since it hurts so much. It makes me grumpy! :( I really is difficult to stay positive when your body is rebelling against the mind. I am struggling with this at the moment. I think that the majority of the problem is that I am not really getting that much better and this past surgery has just exacerbated my pain levels. In hindsight, I would have never gone with an attempted revision surgery, but had just gone for the reconstructive surgery to begin. But hindsight is 20/20 and thinking this way just adds unnecessary stress to the stress of dealing with chronic pain and trying to get life back up and running after surgery.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bad Hip Day

Today my hip took some great challenges.

Firstly, I fell down the stairs by missing the last step and landed smack on my left hip. It scared me more than anything. I basically fell right on my pooch of swelling so I don't think it did much damage, just a bit tender now.

Secondly, I was talking at my grandparents' house and I wasn't thinking and tried to cross my legs when I got shooting pain in the hip. Ouch again!

Thirdly, I was standing with most of my weight on my right side and my brother tried to squeeze in front of me and accidentally kicked my foot which put my hip into sudden internal rotation. Yet again...ouchie!

Well, off to bed now since I have to get up at 5:30 AM because I start clinical rotations tomorrow. Hip ready or not, here we come!!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Am I doing the right thing?

So today Dr. Philippon's office called and he wanted me to fill out a questionnaire about my hip history. It was quite extensive and very thorough. I understand that he screens patients and his secretary will be in contact with me later on this week after he goes through my chart and reviews my case to see if he is able to help me.

Being that this is finally coming to light, I hope that I am doing the right thing. I mean, yes my hip does still hurt but I am 9 weeks after surgery, but maybe I should still hurt this much (although my surgeon did not think so). Maybe I should be more confident that it will get better than I am now! Maybe my previous surgeon was just over-reacting and I may not need surgery. I just feel like I am seeking surgery after surgery. Yes I do hurt, but should I just be able to suck it up? How much pain does the average person have on a day to day basis? I realise that my labrum is partially gone and it won't come back but maybe I am over-reacting and should just suck it up and go on with life. Forget the darn hips. Stop them ruling my life. If I end up getting surgery done by Dr. Philippon it will be a great burden financially on myself (and my parents assuming that they will help pay for some of the bills) as well as emotionally for everybody involved. It literally makes my stomach churn to think of another surgery. I could cry.

Sorry this is so random, but after starting up the paperwork for the new OS, I really feel like I am opening a bag of worms. My greatest fear is that he'll say that the success of the surgery will be greater if I have it done sooner rather than later. Sigh, I don't want to borrow trouble but each time I fear something along my hip adventure so far, it has come true. I had a bad feeling after the second last surgery that it didn't work; I knew deep down I would be needing revision surgery; and it happened. Then, when I spoke with my current OS I knew he'd want to operate and try to fix it; and it happened. And now, I am afraid that I'll have to take a prolonged leave from school and have yet another surgery. Maybe, and I hope with all my heart, that I am wrong about my gut feeling and I'll be able to get through these next two years with my hip in the current state that it is.

I really, really just want this hip saga out of my life and be able to concentrate on my career, friends, etc. I hate this so freakin' much.

Basically it comes down I doing the right thing? Am I borrowing more pain and trouble by seeking this surgeon's help?

I feel like I've been sucked into a world of surgery and hips.

I am so confused.

I want to be normal.


Monday, September 5, 2011

Cool Labour Day

Today is Labour Day here and we are all enjoying our time off from work. Well, my whole family is but I am doing the same thing that I have been doing for the past 2+ months. But still, it is nice to have the family home.

I have only one more week of my medical leave left before I start back full time. I am slightly hesitant about returning since I am still in pain. But, I can't keep taking time off and I need to return to some normalcy. I just pray I can handle it all. In fact, I will handle being out on clinical rotations with my current state since I don't have an option. Things would have to get really bad before I'd stop and get the surgery ASAP.

I still have yet to hear from Dr. Philippon regarding my case. It was apparently sent to him more than a month ago so I expect to hear from him in the near future. I hope that he says that he can help me and that it is not so bad that I can wait to have the surgery done in two years. I will definitely be waiting on pins and needles until I hear from him.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Second Post Today

I don't normally post twice in a day but I had to vent.  I just had PT today and I leave there feeling frustrated and annoyed.  I am doing everything I am supposed to do and go to see him three times a week and I feel like I should be progressing more.  Plus my sessions really hurt!  He keeps asking me how I feel and he knows I hurt but keeps pushing me which is good because I need my limits pushed but it is seriously frustrating how much I can't do.  Flexion! Flexion past 90* is just not an option.

After today's PT session I seriously need a day off.  My SI joint on the right hurts as much as my hip at the moment.  I felt bad because every time he'd place me into a position to help one thing another part of my body hurt.  To fix my left hip he would hurt my SI joint and to help my SI joint, he would hurt my other hip because I can't lie on my right side due to my previous incision from an arthrotomy during a previous surgery on the right.

Hips suck.

8 Weeks Post-Op

Yuppers, it has been 2 months since my left hip scope.  I don't know if I should be happy or frustrated.  I suppose I am entitled to be both simultaneously.  I seem to be having a difficult time with this recovery since I didn't get any relief at all from my surgery and now I am rehabbing so that I can re-gain what I have lost from going under the knife, only to do this all again in the future (hopefully in two years time!)

As of now though, I would say that I have constant groin pain at 2/10 and is worse at night.  Sometimes I need the help of a narcotic to help the throbbing to subside so that I can sleep.  Just these last few days though, my gait has improve substantially and I can walk with almost no limp!  Yay!  I have been going to PT three times a week and it has helped with my core strength, ROM, and wakening up certain muscles.  My psoas is being difficult but I am working on it each day.  

As far as ROM goes, I have excellent aBduction and extension, good aDduction and external rotation, and sucky flexion (almost 90*) and zero internal rotation.  Hopefully as the joint inflammation decreases and the hip muscles start to relax and guard less, I'll be able to gain more motion.  

One thing that I have been dealing with since I've started all of my exercises is great SI joint pain.  More so on the right than the left.  My PT found mild SI instability and figures that it may be an inflamed SI ligament.  All I can say is that I need this to settle down too since it is causing a significant amount of pain.  It is more acute pain than the dull, achy, chronic groin pain that I always have.  Hopefully that this settles down in the very near future since I start working again in a week and a half.  eek!

I really hope with all my heart that I can rehab enough to allow me to get through these next two years before I need the reconstruction done because I would hate to have to take a year off from school.  This is weighing really heavily on me at the moment because I really don't know how my body will handle being on my feet all day long in the hospital.  And when I talk about it to my family they all say that they know I can do it and get through.  But when I talk to my friends they say they don't want me doing too much and worry that I am going to be in pain and not be able to do my job.  I certainly hope that my family is right.  It is hard because the future is unknown and I've put so much hard work into medical school that it would be a shame to have to take time off just because of my hip.  Wouldn't it be great if we could disconnect our brain from our bodies?  Perhaps I'll sever my spinothalamic tract?  Or ask for a sensory epidural? hahaha.