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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Half Way

I am officially half way through my general surgery rotation, and, as previously mentioned, it is a huge struggle.  The pain is most distracting.  I stand there wishing I could just sit down.  I really do think that something is wrong.  I have been very patient and hoping for some healing and relief with time, but this does not seem to be working.  When I hurt 24/7 and need heating pad and muscle relaxants to sleep really makes me wonder what's up.  Is the dysplasia the culprit? Narrowed  joint space? Would I need more surgery? PAO? THR? What medications should I take? I have so many questions and no answers. 

For obvious reasons, I have made an appointment with a local orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in hip scopes, open hip surgeries, PAOs for some direction and help to figure out what I can do to help me get through life right now.  It is inappropriate to live in so much pain and simply be trying to struggle through life without any plan.  I need a plan of action to help reduce my pain levels so that I am less miserable.  I really believe that a fresh set of eyes on my case will help determine what the next step should be.  I am no looking for surgery at the moment, although realize it may be a possibility in the future.  I am just looking for an understanding of what could be wrong with my hip at this point in time. 

I am currently 10 months post op and have been very patient to see results from the surgery.  Given that I have had four previous hip scopes on this hip, I was told that I should see results from 6-12 months.  I  will give it longer than 12 months before I do anything drastic, but I need something to help me currently.  NSAIDs and ice is just no cutting it currently.  So, May 16th is the day I meet with another surgeon to discuss what's up and what we can do to make me less miserable.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

God Bless Those Who Want To Be Surgeons.

...and pray for those who don't.

I have started another rotations at school and have survived a week of pure torture.  This surgery rotation is the worst possible rotation of which I could think.  Not only is is mentally challenging (which I don't really mind at all, I thoroughly enjoy thinking and learning), but physically, I am struggling to say the least.  I have been doing 12-14 hour days on my feet.  Something that is next to impossible with a sore left hip and a sprained right knee.  But I don't have a choice and must keep up.  Yesterday was particularly difficult as the case in which I was scrubbed, turned into a five hour surgery.  Imagine trying to stand for five hours when it normally hurts to stand for 5 minutes.  Needless to say, it was difficult and I really don't know how I did it. I am paying for it now, but this was absolutely expected.  I have no idea how I am going to be able to do three more weeks of this intense work schedule.  It is very tough for me.  I know that this type of work is difficult for everybody, but coming off of so many surgeries and still struggling makes it particularly hard to handle the physical demands of my rotation.  Please pray that I get through these next few weeks--I seriously need some divine intervention.

It would be unfair to try to give an update on the status of the hips as everything just darn hurts.  I really, really hurt and am struggling and don't want this post to turn into a poor-me discussion.  Thus, I won't elaborate.  Suffice it to say--I need some prayers for strength and perseverance.  Thanks!