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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy Hip Anniversary - 2 years!

Today marks two years since I had my right hip scoped. I seriously can't believe it has been two years! It is still a bit funky, but I hope that it is of no concern. (will bring this up at my next appointment with my OS). I am really happy I had it done though. I have no more catching, groin pain, or buttock pain.

I wish that I could write up here that my hip is perfect and I am out running marathons and what not, but this is not the case. I really haven't had a chance yet to "try out" my right hip with any extensive physical activity since my left one is still recovering. I can't wait to get back active. It seems to have been so long since I could go for a run or do anything to really give me a good work out. But, it is coming in the future and this truly gives me hope.

So, all in all, I am happy that I had my right hip done. Happy enough to get my left side done too. I can already feel that my left side is going to be better than my right side after it is healed. Which is a good and bad thing I supposed.

My left hip is recovering nicely. Taking its grand old time, but nicely all in all :)