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Thursday, November 28, 2013

3 Months Pre-Op

Happy American Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is the 28th, which means that I am exactly 3 months until my LPAO on February 28th.  Woot woot and eek eek.

Today I bought a new shower chair, one that has two of it's legs that are on the outside of the tub and two that are inside of the tub.  We have an existing chair but it's just a chair that is inside and sitting down with legs on the outside of the tub ledge will be dangerous post op.  I managed (with a lot of help) after my scopes, but being super careful to not fall is essential after a PAO.  I ain't risking nothing.  I also got two grab bars to put up in our bathroom as well.  The shower is a dangerous place to begin with and I am terrified of falling after my PAO.  I think the above will be worthwhile investments since I will most likely end up needing more than just this one PAO (fingers crossed the right settles a bit after I get the left all fixed up).

I'll put up pics of the shower chair and railings once they are made/installed.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Pre-Op Package

I received a lovely pre-operative package in the mail this past week.  Only 4+ months early, but hey, I couldn't be left alone to forget that I'll be having major surgery in just shy of four months.  No!  They need to remind me.  Ah well.  I've got pre-op appointment two weeks prior and then my post-op appointment two weeks after.  I am glad it is organized.  The entirety of the package was not extremely helpful as I know the drill before surgery. 

I will not be getting the GameReady or the CPM this time around.  The package says that my recovery will not be hindered and good golly the rental is expensive and inconvenient since I live in another country.  So, I will be forgoing these DME and I hope that I do not regret it. 

As far as how I am feeling, it is the same old same old for the left hip.  The right one is acting up lately, about as much as the left. This is so uncool since I was hoping to not need more surgery on this right side of mine.  Maybe once I get the pressure off of it by getting the left hip fixed?  It could be a possibility, but I have a sneaking suspicion that my surgeon will want to PAO the right side as well.

I also had the lovely experience of weighing myself for the first time in months and months today.  That also is uncool.  I have gained 9 pounds since May!  I attribute this to lack of activity outside of work and my eating habits not changing.  I literally lie around with ice packs after coming home from the hospital/clinic for the day and don't move all weekend off the couch in hopes of regaining some energy and rest for the hips so I can tackle the week.  This leaves me munching lots and not burning many calories.  I am starting Myfitnesspal with a friend and we are going to try to get some weight off.  I do it in hopes of relieving a wee bit of stress of the hips before surgery.  My goal: lose one pound a week.  It says that I need to eat 1400 calories a day.  I am unsure if this is accurate, but it seems like very little calories to me.  And BOY do I love to eat!  This will be a challenge but maybe I will feel better about how I feel and maybe a little less hip pain?  Every pound off will help reduce some stress off the joints.  Since I have never been this fluffy and my pain is at its worst, I think it's time to put my big girl pants on and eat clean and lose some weight.  Goal: 12 pounds.

Lets DO this!!!!