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Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy One Year---and still recovering

I actually began this posting a couple of days ago, but never got around to finishing it and so it sat in my drafts for days.  Anyway, the updating continues:

Jan. 5th marked my one year hipiversary for my first left hip surgery with Dr. P.  I can't actually believe a year ago I was getting ready for my third hip scope and my first surgery with the 'king'.  That surgery was problematic from the get-go.  And I am glad that we have potentially fixed this hip.  He had to do another surgery on it in June and I am still trying to get relief.  I was told that it could take another six months before things settled down enough to see any appreciable improvements since I've had four surgeries on it.  So, I await.  I am not going to lie, I am much better than I was before my last surgery, just not pain-free.  This, I think, will come with time.

I am having a difficult time remaining positive and hopeful.  I know I have to trust what the doctor says, but I've had so much go wrong.  And to make matters worse, I am starting the fight of a lifetime with my insurance company with respect to coverage.  They are denying me coverage even though I checked with them before I signed up for the policy.  My school is being amazing and advocating for me, but this is NOT what I want to do now.

On a happier note, I have a very dear friend coming to visit next week.  It will be epic!  I can't wait.  That lifts my spirits and makes me happy.  Plus I am beginning my preparations to return to school, which is also very exciting.  Some sort of a normal life will be very good for my emotional health.  It is just not normal to sit around in the house all day.  Mind you, sipping on coffee and lounging around in the mornings isn't exactly hard to swallow.  Albeit a very abnormal thing to do.  So here's to a new year filled with less pain, less surgery, more happiness and health!!!

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