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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

To PAO or Not? That is the question.

I can't believe I am even flippin' considering this as an option.  Really? I mean having somebody breaking my pelvis in three places so as to give me a hip joint...sounds just...barbaric!!

According to my MRA results, the cartilage looks surprisingly good...great rather.  Like what the heck?! I'd rather not have a decision.  But now that I have a decision.  Do I want to look like this:

Or do I want to look like this:

I do not know at the moment.  I have started to get my crap together to send to a world re-known hip surgeon who does the PAO.  And if he agrees with my current surgeon, I am afraid I will have to submit and have it done. Although I would MUCH rather get a replacement for current pain levels, but is this the best thing to do in the future?  I need to be able to walk when I'm 70!  But I also need to function now.  There are no guarantees that the PAO would work either.  I am so incredibly confused.  I wish I had seen a PAO surgeon a LOOOOONG time ago!

The only thing I know now is that I want my life back.

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