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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Yes Sir--Countdown is in the 30s.

I keep a countdown on my phone to keep me on track as to how many days left of school, which has now also become my countdown for surgery since both lie on the same day.  But I have officially got down to the 30s....39 days to be exact, with only 29 of those days being at school on rotation.  The END is finally nearing!  After 25 years of formal education, I have 29 days left.  It is actually surreal.  I am super, uper, duper pumped to finally be coming up on my end of being a "student."  I keep it in quotes since becoming a physician actually requires lifelong learning and I never really get out of being a student, but at least I'll be getting paid starting in July.  This is exciting. 

So I didn't pick my surgery date very intelligently.  I should have chosen a week later since it would have given me a chance to do something fun for a week.  Perhaps go on a vacation somewhere for a couple of days, relax, hang out with family, have a small celebration to conclude my formal education.  All would have been very much enjoyed.  Instead, I chose to hop up on the operating table ASAP...which means I get to conclude my medical school rotations getting bones broken, hip socket formed, and a stay in the hospital.  As if I didn't get enough hospitals during medical school...I get to spend 3-5 consecutive days after school is done...what a way to finish off with a bang, eh?

All in all though, I am very thankful things have fallen into place and that I am able to have my surgery done at the most convenient time possible.  I realize that having surgery is never convenient, but this is the best possible scenario.  The thought of trying to do the other side during residency may be another beast in its entirety....but let's focus on the task at hand: finish med school, get left hip fixed.  I can do this!

Now I just need to stay positive for the remainder of school until the surgery.  I'm trying so very hard and it goes in cycles of "I can do this" to "Holy crap...why?"  I believe this is normal but it doesn't make it any easier having to control the roller coaster of emotions and doubts whilst keeping up with life.  Soon enough though, I will be able to leave school behind and focus on healing myself up.  I am, in fact, excited to turn this next page and begin the recovery process (and yes, I know it will SUCK post op....I ain't na├»ve...although sometimes I wish I were as there may be less pre-op anxiety). 

There are a couple things I promise myself as I approach surgery: 
Stay Positive
          Eat Healthy
               Be Patient
                         Obey my surgeon
                                          Don't be a hero
                                                       BE THANKFUL
                                                                    Embrace the experience
Putting these up here now so that somebody can rifle these at me in about 8 weeks time.

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