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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Brain Storming

So this week is the week that I meet with a new surgeon to determine what my hip's problem is and hopefully to get some pain management solutions.  I am excited, but even more nervous.  I can't stop thinking about what he might say.  What does the fresh set of eyes with no previous surgical experience inside my hips see?  I am curious and scared.  But I'll have to face the fact that something is not right with my hip.  I particularly realized that something is wrong when I was driving to the hospital last week and every bump hurt my hip, THAT was a sign that I am doing the right thing by seeking out another opinion. 

In light of my upcoming appointment I have been thinking of different questions I should ask at my appointment.  If you have any suggestions, feel free to email me or comment!

  • Pain meds/NSAIDs for day?
  • Pain meds for night?
  • Do I need a pain management referral?
  • Go through my angles (CE, Sourcil, Alpha)
  • THR vs PAO vs SDD?
  • Arthrogram still needed if I am not going to do surgery in the near future?
  • Scar tissue issue?  Could my bone structure be causing the recurrent scaring? 
  • Will I be able to wait another year if I do need surgery?

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  1. Vicky,
    I would ask about the possibility of hip resurface near the end of the apt...I understand the surface survival rate for women isn't as good, however I don't know if that is limited to metal on metal or for all types. Perhaps get his perspective on that too, however if he doesn't do resurfacing then it might be a mute point. But I think you would still need that question answered by a surgeon who does resurface.

    As far as pain NSAID's I rarely got any relief from those. However have you tried Voltaren Gel? It's a NSAID (diclofenac) topical gel. I have had good results from that.

    Second have you tried soaking in a hot tub? When I work out, I soak for 20 mins in the gyms hot tub, it really does help, to some degree, but of course it's temporary.

    For your apt, I wouldn't even ask whether if you should wait for arthogram...I would start with a brief history then talk about the recurring pain, then push for an arthogram and then suggest that you'll follow up with more detailed questions after the MRI results such as THR, etc. Then ask about pain pills etc. Try and make the apt efficient. You might only get a few minutes (at least that is how it is with me). For me, going to these type of apts is like taking an engineering test (I'm an engineer), you have to be efficient and ready. Also it's probably going to be very dynamic depending on his responses to your questions, so you'll have to gauge that in real time...

    Is someone going with you? Bring someone if you can, I usually forget half the things they say, so it's nice to have someone there to help remember.

    One other thing I found out on Yahoo FAI...someone said Dr Sampson does do free consultations if you email him your files. So seriously think about that.