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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Hospital Stay

So after my surgery I had to stay in the hospital for a couple of days.  Needless to say, it was an experience that was painful and I don't wish such a stay for anybody.  The first night after surgery was a blur, I remember swearing that the PCA pump was not working because when I pressed it, it did not relieve my pain.  I remember lots of people telling me that my light was green and I could press the button again (I guess I was drugged and couldn't remember when to press it).  I also remember the resident coming in and asking if I needed higher pain medication dosage, and I remember saying that I am squirming because of the pain and needed more if he wanted me to sleep at all.  Other than those three things, I don't remember much. 

The first day post op was a blur, I remember the PT coming in and trying to get me to stand and walk.  But this was not going to happen because of the pain.  I basically got three steps out of bed and that was it.  I was unable to get to the bathroom so they got me a commode.  Which was nice, but I don't remember when it was taken away from me (it wasn't there long, that's for sure).  The foley catheter was removed this morning, so I had to make trips out of bed to pee.  Other than that, I don't remember anything else.

Second day post op, I had my drain removed bright and early by the ortho resident.  This was fun as it bled all over my bed when it was removed.  He had to come back thirty minutes later to change the dressing as it was still oozing a lot of blood.  It wasn't the most painful thing to be removed.  It didn't tickle, but it was odd and hurt a bit.  My surgeon rounded on me soon after, and his two minute swing by was less than helpful.  All he said was that I needed to get up and walk since most people are walking by now, and that he put the orders for me to be discharged that day.  He tested my sensation and motor function.  I was definitely strong enough, but my sensation on the lateral and medial portion of my thighs were not right.  The lateral femoral cutaneous nerve distribution was completely numb and the medial was almost completely numb.  The PT then came was very, very persistent and I was going to walk out of my room and down the hall a bit.  Walking this far (10-15 feet) took approximately 45 minutes.  It was horrendous and the worse possible pain that I could imagine.  Every single step hurt so much that it made me cry, sweat, and feel nauseous and like passing out.  I was given dilaudid beforehand, but this didn't matter.  I did do this, but it was REALLY painful.  Needless to say, I did not pass my PT and was there for another night.  My day nurse was bent on me having a bowel movement and ordered me a bowel protocol.  This caught up to me this night as I had horrendous diarrhea and made a trip to the bathroom every 30 minutes.  Which meant that I didn't get any sleep at all.  And every trip made me more and more sore.  It was really not fun at all.

Third day post op, the resident came by and told me that no matter what, I was going home today.  The PT and OT came in and said that my surgeon had told them that I am going home and that I was going to do what I needed to get done to be discharged.  So, I struggled, but did 3 stairs and walked to and from the bathroom.  I put my own socks and shoes on and got in and out of bed by myself.  All in all this was again an extremely painful experience and one that I hope never to repeat. But I ended up getting it done and was discharged home.  After a 45 minute drive home, it took 35 minutes to get into the house, up 5 stairs into the kitchen and into the living room where my bed was.  I think that it was a bit too soon to come home, I mean really, 35 minutes to get from my car to the bed? 

The next couple of days all blur together because of the constant narcotics and anesthesia brain.  I do know that my first trip to the bathroom from the living room took 35 minutes and it was almost impossible for me to crutch in our bathroom because it is so small.  So my parents ended up renting a commode to put in the living room for the time being and as I get stronger, I can use the regular bathroom.

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