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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Today I got my surgery day scheduled as well as the radiologist's report from my MRI/arthrogram.

There is contrast undercutting the anterior superior portion of the labrum compatible with a labral tear. There is prominent osseous bump along the aspect of the femoral neck. The femoral alpha angle measures 60*. The hip joint demonstrates no severe cartilage deficit. There are no large intra-articular bodies. The surrounding hip tendons are within normal limits

Anterior/superior labral tear. There is a prominent osseous bump along the ventral aspect of the femoral neck. The constellation of findings are compatible with CAM type impingement.

Also, I called my surgeon's office to see if they have got the report and CD copy of the MRI so that he can plan the surgery, but they had not. I will follow up in another week. Also, my surgeon's secretary got me a surgery date: June 2nd, 2010. I am very pleased with this date as it gives me a week and a day to myself after my last exam finishes and my surgery. I'll have to do something fun in between school and surgery. Maybe an amusement park?!

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