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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Happy Place

The steroid injection is actually kicking in and I feel a little bit better; the edge is off the pain. I had a rough steroid flare-up but it guess it is worth it to get some relief. Hopefully this lasts me a little while yet. I wouldn't mind if it lasted until my surgery date.

It is funny how your mind can play tricks on the body though. I've been pretty sore as of late, and am completely convinced that I need surgery. Then, the steroid kicks in, and I think to myself "well, it's not that bad." Wouldn't it be great if steroid injections were permanent deals? If that was the surgery for me!!!

We are going to be submitting pre-authorization to my insurance in 2 weeks time. My insurance company has been known to give problems to those who are in my situation (repeated surgeries and now needs a reconstruction). But, people have got it covered and I have proof that I have exhausted all conservative measures. Let's pray that I can get it covered because if they deny my case, I can't get my surgery done because it would cost $35,000 up front payment! eek.

Let's start the praying!!!

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