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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

9 Weeks....9 Hectic Weeks....

And only getting more hectic!

So many things are happening at once.  It is craziness.  I am in the thick of studying for my board exam.  And let me tell you it is stressful and tiring.  So. Much. To. Learn. And. So. Little. Brain space.  Wow. I will be so so so happy when it is over with.  Then I will only have one more Step to finish (plus a standardized patient exam) before I am done with boards until I get board certified in a specialty of my choosing (hopefully OB/GYN or Family Medicine!)  I basically study for 10 hours a day, alone, at home.  What a brilliant life. Very exciting, lemme tell you!

I have, officially, a surgeon-crush (in a healthy, not creepy way).  He never ceases to amaze me how much he cares for his patients and their care.  I got a call today saying that he wasn't going to be working and that his schedule changed, and I won't be able to see the surgeon for my follow-up as planned in two weeks.  I have flights, hotel, and a rental car all booked.  And I don't think they are refundable or able to be changed, but the surgeon (or, prolly the clinic) is going to pay the extra amount it costs to change all of my accommodations.  They are taking care of the hotel and car rental and I have to do the airline.  Incredible.  They wouldn't let me see the physician assistant for a follow up and wanted to make sure that I get my follow-up in, especially with the issues I have been having lately.  I wonder how often they do this for patients?  It could get very expensive for them! I guess that's where my tens of thousands of dollars go. But yeah, I had to reschedule my ultrasounds and am going to Colorado for a follow-up for December 19th. So, I take boards on Dec. 17th, go to Vail Dec. 18th, see the surgeon Dec. 19th, and home Dec. 20th. I bet Vail will be beautiful at Christmas time!!!!!!!  And I can't wait to get some answers for both my hips.  They are stubborn suckers!

My hips are still pretty swollen.  But sloooooowly getting better.  The past three days I can say that I am not worse off than I was. So that is a step in the right direction.  I'll take anything since the hips aren't happy right now.  My walking is getting better too!  I hope to not limp when I see the surgeon in three weeks.

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