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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Calmed Down A Bit

Yeah, I've calmed down some since writing my last post.  I truly believe that I need to get my act together and become more positive.  Everybody keeps telling me how positive I am during the last phase of my life, though deep down (and apparently on my blog) I am a Debbie Downer.  I need to get my act together and become more positive and focus on the great things in life.  I am truly blessed in life.  I have my health (except for my orthopaedic issues), I have an amazing family, I am doing what I want in life and will have an amazing career of my dreams when I am done with school.  These are things that I must be thankful for and not forget that I have them. It is too easy to focus on the chronic pain, the things I can't do, the things decisions I have to make all because of my hips.  They truly do impact life and make me who I am, but they should not take over and make me miserable.  Although I have to acknowledge that I have this pain and may have to do something about it in the future, I have to realize I have an amazing support system.  All family and virtual friends have been amazing through this journey.  I will most certainly keep the friendships I have made through this journey for the rest of my life.  I am blessed (even blessed with bad hips!).

I am contemplating going to see a pain management doctor or a sports medicine doctor who may be able to prescribe me some medications that would help me get through my day.  I would be grateful for a way to get through my day (or the majority of it) without hurting.  I am usually throbbing my noon whilst on Voltaren.  We will see what I decide.  I am doing a physiatry rotation beginning next week and may ask the doctor for a recommendation for a doctor that may be able to help me.

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