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Sunday, March 3, 2013

2 Weeks Into School Again -___-

I still can't believe the fact that I am back on rotations and being on my feet.  Nobody at the place even cares that I have been off...they are all too busy and we all have way to much to do to.  I realize that nobody really cares, but me having to sit when I can and hanging on the countertops really does stink. In all honesty it is horrendous on my hip that I had done in June.  I am throbbing by noon.  I hate to complain, but wow oh wow, returning back to life as a medical student isn't all laughs and giggles.  I had anticipated this would be difficult, but did not expect it to be so painful.

The pain actually has me slightly worried.  I am currently on Diclofenac (Voltaren) and it works alright but, as mentioned, can't make it past noon.  And evenings really hurt.  Like almost-need-a-pain-med hurt.  A friend gave me some of their left over Vicodin (shhh) so I take a half a pill sometimes.  I wonder how much pain would be normal at this point? I was told that I should see improvements within the next 3 months.  I have a LOT of healing to do to be considered a successful surgery.  Dare I even consider another surgery? It makes me nauseous thinking of the possibilities.

On the other hand, my psoas has started firing more easily and getting in and out of the car and I can almost get my socks on normally.  Not quite, but alllllmost there! And my bursitis is settling down.  So those small improvements have to be focused on and celebrated. 

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  1. Sorry to read this. Maybe you should consider to see a hip resurface specialist?