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Friday, June 20, 2014

16 Weeks Post Op

I am amazed that I have kept this weekly update thing up for so long.  I guess I'm just not busy enough.  That will come starting next week.  I start orientation in 6 days and then start working July 1st.  I'm extremely nervous for this on so many different levels.  I'm worried I don't know enough Internal Medicine to actually function as an intern physician (I hope I have an understanding team), and then physically I am also worried (my right hip hurts and I have yet to use my left hip for any significant period of time). 

On the hip front, things are going well.  I resumed physical therapy this week and have been working on the adductors.  They just don't want to work in the middle of the muscles (distally and proximally they are ok, but middle, they don't contract).  We've been the using muscle stimulator during my ball squeezes and leg slides to try and get it contracting properly.  This is something I need to ask my surgeon about at my upcoming appointment.  I have also been able to use the elliptical in addition to the bike at PT.  The left hip held up nicely, so I am thrilled about that since before the LPAO, there is no way that I would have been able to do the elliptical due to pain.  I'm hoping this LPAO was a success, without having used my hip all day, it's hard to tell, but it looks promising.

The right side is, well.....the right side.  It's yet to be fixed properly, so I will be eager to hear how soon my surgeon will want to operate.  I'm game for anytime, so long as my residency is cooperative with my surgical plans (they said they would be, but I've learned to not take anybody's word until I actually see it happen).  I know that the surgical scheduling lady at my surgeon's office said that due to my situation, they could have me in an OR within two weeks of the surgeon deciding to operate.  Last appointment my surgeon said that there was a 50% chance he would do it in July, and my PT thinks I'm ready for it.  Needless to say, I do have my hopes up to get this surgery done and out of my life.  But, ultimately, my surgeon makes the call, he is the expert and knows when it is safe to do the other PAO. 

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