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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Milestones for LPAO

Surgery:  February 28, 2014
Post Op Day 1:  walk few steps, sit up in bed
Post Op Day 2:  walk 15 feet
Post Op Day 3:  walk 30 feet, 5 stairs, discharged from hospital
2.5 Weeks Post Op: Decrease pain meds from Norco 10mg to Norco 7.4
2.5 Weeks Post Op:  Begin riding upright stationary bike 10 minutes, no resistance
3.5 Weeks Post Op: Stop taking narcotics around the clock, only at night
7.5 Weeks Post Op: Cleared to walk without crutches, instructed one week full weight bearing two crutches, then one week full weight bearing one crutch, then completely off as tolerated
8 Weeks Post Op:  Begin formal physical therapy
11 Weeks Post Op:  Completely off two crutches, no limping
12 Weeks Post Op:  Move to my bedroom upstairs
13 Weeks Post Op:  Can appreciate the stability in the joint, pain better than pre-op

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