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Thursday, October 23, 2014

3 Weeks Post RPAO

Two days ago marked the three week post op date from my RPAO, right hip scope, left screw removal. I'm definitely getting better, just its really really slow compared to last time.  Last time, it was as if a switch was flipped at 2.5 weeks, this time it is not the case.  But I am getting better.  Showering is much easier, I can sit up without having to hold myself up on the shower chair.  I will continue to use the shower chair until I am fully weight bearing. I still have to sleep on my back as I cannot lie on my side (non-op nor operative side) yet, so sleeping is most uncomfortable.  The majority of the time I sleep in the recliner which keeps me contained and removes the urge to flip and flop around (it's like a tease to be in bed and not be able to turn over).  I still require the maximum dose of tramadol and supplement with Tylenol 3 when needed, but my pain is controlled now with the these as opposed to earlier, I was NOT achieving adequate pain control with these medications.  So things are getting better.  I am cleared to ride the stationary bike now, but have yet to do so.  I will try maybe later on today provided I'm brave.  As of now, the standard crutches with the Crutcheze pads are working well.  The purple ones I bought are very nice and I love the colour, though my wrists, elbows, and shoulders are achy all of the time. I have very loose joints and the upper body joint pain is definitely something that is expected given my hypermobility.

A couple of days ago I had my first post-op radiographs and appointment.  It was less than informative.  I had radiographs done which show a stable RPAO and left screw removal. I am allowed to ride the bike as mentioned above.  I have to remain non-weight bearing but can place my foot down with enough pressure so as not to break a graham cracker (which isn't much but does allow for proper gait heel strike and toe off) for another month when I go back for more radiographs.  Otherwise, I still have some symptoms and issues that cannot be explained.

First of all, I have significant numbness on my anterior and lateral thigh which cannot be accounted for solely from the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve.  My surgeon did not even see this nerve and thinks it could be from the retraction during the surgery or from the scope, but even if it was, it should not be so significant (as in I should not have complete lack of sensation from the surgery), he said it was not normal and could not explain why I had this for both my PAOs.  We will watch at wait.

Secondly, I have significant pubic pain which also should not be there.  It is swollen too.  I asked about it and he said that it could have been from the scope, but that he is not sure.  It doesn't make sense that it would be from the scope as it is tender anteriorly, not inferiorly.  So, I will continue to ice and hope that it goes away.

Thirdly, I apparently have soft bones.  Like really soft bones.  He had told my parents immediately post op that my bones were soft and my mum had asked about this during this appointment. He said that I did in fact, have soft bones, and that we will look into it later.  He wants to do a bone density test and we will investigate other possible etiologies. I am concerned as it likely isn't just lack of sunlight since I still have tan lines from tanning this summer, so if it is vitamin D deficiency, I really don't know why.  My surgeon took 5 different x-ray views of my right hip at my post-op visit.  The false profile view shows loose transformation lines which are essentially a linear fracture consistent with osteomalacia. I am taking high dose vitamin D right now  plus calcium and a gummy multivitamin for bone health.  I am not into taking vitamins very much, but this has me on alert and I will be taking vitamins the rest of my life since I am at risk for osteoporosis (if I don't already have it). I feel like this is just another blip in the road to recovery.  I just want this hip ordeal to be done, and just when I finish my last major surgery for a while, I have to go figure out what and why my bones are the way they are.  I don't want to dig up any more problems, but, I don't really have a choice, do I? 

Why can't things ever be simple? There is always something.

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