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Friday, October 10, 2014

9/30/14: Right Hip Arthroscopy + Right Periacetabular Osteotomy + Left Hip Hardware removal

The day prior to my surgery date, I got a call stating that I was scheduled for an OR time of 3:45pm. When I had called earlier the previous week, they stated that I was scheduled for 5:30pm, so the earlier time was much appreciated.

I woke up very nervous on the surgery day.  I was allowed to drink clear liquids until 11:45am.  I tried to drink some black coffee but, due to the nerves, it made my tummy upset.  I opted to drink some ginger ale (which I nursed until 11:45am).  I decided to shave my legs nice and carefully, took a shower, did my eyebrows, and then looked online at jewelry (what doesn't settle a girls nerves more than online shopping for earring and necklace sets?!).

When my parents got home from their half days of work, we left for the hospital. We arrived just on time! I checked into the south surgical waiting area and we were given a ringer (like the ones used in restaurants) and it went off after five minutes or so.  I was then brought back where I took a pregnancy test, got changed into the hospital gown, and then waited.  The nurses then started an IV in my left hand, I signed the consents, signed my right hip. There was confusion as the left screw removal was not on the consent.  This was settled when the surgeon came in.

We waited, and waited.  The anesthesiologist came in and discussed that he would try to mimic the previous regimen from the last PAO, I got a scopolamine patch, and then waited some more.  The surgeon came in and he signed my right hip and he agreed to take out the left sided screws as well.  Though, he was surprised as he thought that we were going to take out all of the screws (on both sides) at once.  He seems a bit put off by the fact that I wanted them out, but he ultimately agreed to take them out.  After another hour of waiting, the room flooded with the CRNA, OR nurse, and a bunch of people.  They didn't give me Versed until I was getting on the OR table (at my request).  I said my goodbyes and then was wheeled into the operating room.  Of course it was cold, and I waited on the bed for a few minutes until they were ready for me to slide over to the operating table.  I was then given some Versed which didn't do much. While I was arranging myself on the table I could hear the surgeon telling people the order in which things were going to happen: right scope, right PAO, then screw removal.  I wish I had my glasses on while in the OR because I really couldn't see anything other than the black boots attached to the OR table that were going to be used for the scope.  After I got settled down, a mask was placed over my face and then I was off to sleep.

The surgery took 2.5 hours. And it went really well.  Although there is some arthritis in the hip, it wasn't nearly as bad as the left hip, and I should be able to get 20-ish years out of the hip before I need a replacement.  My labrum was intact (not all shredded like the last time), and everything went smoothly.  Thank goodness!!

I remember waking up in the PACU this time. (which is actually quite unusual for me as I'm usually zonked for hours).  I woke up very confused and frightened.  I couldn't understand where I was or what was happening to me or if the surgery was even done. After I got my glasses I settled down a bit.  They had set up a morphine PCA and morphine boluses.  Problem was morphine wasn't working! They quickly switched it to Dilaudid and I got immediate relief.  I was then transferred to my hospital room (which I remember as well....crazy how different things were this time).

Once in my room, I of course, made a big deal that the PCA wasn't working well enough. They increased the dose and then I dosed in and out of consciousness until the morning.  I ended up getting to my room around 11:00pm. Once I was settled in, my parents left and the rest of the night was history.

I survived my second (and LAST) periacetabular osteotomy.  Praise The Lord!

...detailed hospital stay is to follow in subsequent posts

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