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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Pre Op

This is terribly delayed as I have had my surgery and am back home, but I thought thst updating chronologically would be most useful. I will update the surgery and hospital stay later, but for now I'll  remember the pre-op appointment.

Three weeks ago I had my pre-op appointment for my upcoming right periacetabularosteotomy and left hardware removal. I had my mum come with me so that everybody felt comfortable going into the surgery and if it came down to choosing between a PAO and a hip replacement, both my surgeon and my parents would be more comfortable. 

The appointment itself wasn't terribly informative; there was no new information that was learned. On imaging my right hip is exactly the same as my left.  The surgeon will be sticking a scope inside to look and check the cartilage to ensure a PAO can be done. We discussed my left hip as well.  He asked me if I was happy that I did the PAO. I can't lie and say I am happy because, I'm bit sure if I'm happy I did it.  It was a huge ordeal healing from such a larger surgery and I still hurt.  I do have more range of motion on the left hip, but it's terribly painful to weight bear. After telling him this, he hesitated on even doing the right PAO because I'm "between a rock and a hard place: my right hip needs fixing but my left hip is less than perfect". The fact that he hesitated doing the right side really concerned me.  I can't say I am surprised that he hesitated, but it just worries me because I'm heading into the same major surgery on the right hip after a less-than-stellar result on the left.  It's hard to place faith in a surgery and commit to doing the same surgery again when the initial surgery didn't provide much pain relief.

I also got some radiographs of my right hip.  I will figure out how to add pictures into the blog from my iPad at another time.  But I promise to add them in! 

After pre-op, my mum and I went to Lululemon. I initially wanted to get some yoga pants, but they were waaaay too $$ for me.  Not to mention, they were SKIN TIGHT. I like to leave a bit more to the imagination than what those pants were allowing. I wouldn't consider myself a chunky person, but those pants definitely accentuated my lumps and bumps. Having had so many hip surgeries has made my hips lumpy and bumpy. I decided against yoga pants and opted for an adorable Lululemon scarf. Which made me very happy :)
Aug 28, 2013 - Uploaded by lululemon
We designed the Vinyasa Scarf with snaps on either end so we can wear it done up or undone ...

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