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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

4.5 Weeks Post Op

Time flies yet drags on.  It's just so weird.  These last four days or so have been icky.  My pain level has increased again and I am needing Tylenol and Tramadol during the day and half a Norco at night (along with the odd muscle relaxant here and there).  I wish that I could will myself to feel better.  It's just so hard to keep up the energy after having this surgery.  I definitely do my best to remain positive and hopeful.  After two and a half weeks I was on fire, totally killing this recovery and now it's a bit harder.  My pain is hard to pin point, but I do know that the joint pain has decreased significantly.  I have a lot of adductor muscle pain and spasms still, plus the nerve pain.  I would really appreciate if the numbness, hotness, and hypersensitivity would start to improve!  I'm over freaked out nerves.

I seriously can't believe I am considering it, but I have contacted my surgeon and my residency coordinator about how we can arrange for me to have my right hip PAO'd within the next several months.  The right side is especially painful know with the added pressure of being on crutches, but it did hurt prior to my LPAO and it was subluxed on radiographs. So, it's basically inevitable at this point.  My surgeon said 6-12 months before I can do the other side.  So I'm trying to figure out when it will be best to get this surgery done as I only have three weeks of vacation during my intern year of residency.  That is gonna suck....returning at 3 weeks!  :-O

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