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Friday, April 25, 2014

8 Weeks Post Op

Two whole months!  Dang.  I want this recovery to keep a rolling on :)

I am feeling pretty well these days.  I had my second post op appointment this week.  Things look good.  I had an xray of my left hip and there is enough bone there to begin to weight bear but my muscles are not strong enough to walk properly.  My surgeon had me take a few steps without the crutches to prove his point that I need to get my muscles back.  After my appointment I was allowed to put full weight on my hip with two crutches.  I am to do this for a week and then graduate to one crutch for as long as it takes me to walk without a limp.  I can easily do one crutch already, so I do that in the house, but when I am out, I still use two crutches at the moment.  Monday, I plan on not needing two anymore, but I am to just listen to my body and go from there.

The remainder of my appointment went well.  He started me on Neurontin for the nerve pain.  Albeit, a VERY small dosage, so I am not sure that I will see any benefits from it, but I'll keep taking it and see.  The burning proximal, medial thigh is less than cool!  Speaking of nerves, my LFCN is still dead.  Absolutely no feeling.  No change or improvement either.  Ok, back to the appointment.  He tested my muscle strength and it seems it is all good except my adductors are almost non-existent.  He asked me if I had been doing my adductor squeezes (uh, yeah, I have been, too bad it doesn't show).  We then discussed my right hip and agreed that it must be done.  I explained how I wanted to do it before August first as it would save me a lot of money in insurance, but he said that it would be cutting it pretty close and that there would be like a 50/50 chance I could do it at the end of July.  The other option is doing it in December since it would be slower in the hospital and my absence would be less of a burden on my resident team.  I really hope that it can be done in July.  Hobbling around for another half year would suck.  He said that we would decide when I see him next near the end of June.  If he decides that I am strong enough, we can do surgery near the end of July, if not, then I must wait until December. Fingers and toes crossed I get my muscles into gear and get strong enough by end of June!!!!!

I am now cleared to do PT as well.  I had to call up several places to see if they were familiar with hips and PAOs.  I called two places and one place seemed confused on what I wanted and didn't make me feel like they knew what they were talking about, so I ended up going with the second place I called.  I made a huge ordeal about needing somebody who knew what they were doing.  So I got the head PT at this place.  I start on Monday with an evaluation.  And then will schedule appointments from there.  The script says 2-3 times per week for 4-6 weeks.  I will do whatever it takes to get strong enough to have my other hip done so that these major surgeries are out of my life!! I am actually excited to begin physical therapy!  Until I get my butt in to see the PT on Monday, I have been trying to slowly start strengthening my hip, butt, and core muscles.  But having a professional opinion and guidance will be helpful as well. 

As far as mobility goes, I am doing alright.  I am able to easily use one crutch and can hobble along without anything as well.  The first day cleared to weight bear, I was able to walk fairly well with just a small limp, but since I have been trying to activate more muscles, they have become very sore, and I now have a sweet Trendeleburg gait going on.  It's kinda pulling on my SI joints and lower back when I do walk without assistance, so I best be careful. 

And, last but not least, I definitely forgot to ask my surgeon during my appointment if I needed an MRI/arthrogram for my right hip.  I only wanted to know now because I would prefer to have it done prior to beginning work.  So I emailed his nurse and asked to see if she could find out anything.  I feel bad for bugging them so much, but I really do want to know.  It would make life so much easier to get it over and done with when I am off, instead of trying to schedule it when I am working at my new job. 

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