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Saturday, April 12, 2014

6 Weeks Post Op

I feel like these weekly updates are coming rather quickly.  I feel like I just wrote my 5 week update and now it's already 6 weeks!  Dude. Whoa.  So things have basically stalled as far as healing goes.  The next step is beginning to weight bear and learning how to walk again.  But none of this can happen until I see my surgeon in a week and two days.  So, I just go around on crutches feeling as if I should be able to put weight on my operated side.  It is VERY hard to not test it out with just a few steps.  One of my friends in my surgeon's PA and I distinctly remember her telling me about the stupid girls who walk on their hip before cleared by my surgeon and how stupid that is....I remember agreeing with her, but now that I am feeling as if I can walk, I could see how people test their hip out prematurely.  The only thing that I have been doing all week that is pushing the limits is standing equally on two feet while doing things like brushing my hair and brushing my teeth.  Shhhh....but it doesn't hurt to put weight on it :) 

I am not taking any Norco anymore.  But do take the max dose of Tylenol during the day and the random Tramadol interspersed.  This is mostly for my right hip and not my operated hip.  I'm really happy with this not needing heavy narcotics anymore.  I need my right hip fixed so badly because it hurts so much.  I knew this would happen as it was sore just from compensating a little more with the left being the most painful hip.  But now that the right is the sole weight bearing side, it is extremely angry.  The timing of my next PAO will be discussed during my next appointment and hopefully we can schedule surgery for the end of the summer (end of July) as my residency needs to know when I am going to need surgery so we can plan accordingly. I do feel bad about needing to have special considerations in the scheduling.  I feel like it's the story of my life: the one that needs to have things rearranged all of the time because of my surgeries.  It makes me really happy that after this next PAO and then the subsequent screw removal, that I could potentially be done with needing special scheduling considerations and done with major surgeries for a few years.  My hips and surgery and doctor's appointments have been thought and time consuming for so many years, that I'll have to take up a hobby or something to fill all of this time and energy that I have put into my health for the last 8 years.

Sleep continues to be an issue.  I can sleep on my tummy all night now and can lie on my non-op side for a couple of minutes with a pillow between my legs.  Both of these things happened this week.  So that rocks!  Even with these new found positions, I am sleeping terribly.  I think that mostly it is because of my lack of schedule and activity.  I'm not expelling a lot of energy so, naturally, I'm up until one or two in the morning and don't sleep in much either.  Thank goodness for Benadryl and muscle relaxants!  I expect that the sleeping will become better once I being to walk without my crutches and increase my home exercises in a few weeks.  Oh how I look forward to ditching the crutches!!!!!!!! :)

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