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Friday, May 16, 2014

11 Weeks Post Op

Today marks my 11 week post op update.  Things are progressing very nicely with respect to physical therapy.  I am going three times a week and am working a LOT on my strengthening.  I have the hardest time with aDduction and hip flexion, but they are coming along....slowly but surely.  My nerve pain has decreased some since starting to take Neurontin 200mg BID.  I don't feel like it is quite high enough dosage, but it does alleviate the lava feeling on the inner thigh.  I assume that once I can find a PCP, that I will ask for them to increase the dosage as my surgeon seems very hesitant to start any medication for a chronic use. 

I am sleeping fine now and can lay on my op side (with pillow between my legs because my other hip hurts).  I am walking around the house, as of this past week, without any crutches and no limping.  But I do use the help of the walls and counters sometimes, so I use one crutch outside.  I feel like I'll be able to ditch the crutch all together in the near future.  For my walking goal, it was to be able to walk across stage at graduation without limping and I have already met that goal a week early.  This next week will be a test for my hip as in a couple of days I will be traveling back to school for graduation alone (meaning, I will be navigating airports alone).  I think that I'll bring one crutch to be safe because I still need if for long distances.

I got my MRI/arthrogram result on my online chart today:

There is intrasubstance degeneration and multifocal tearing
involving the anterosuperior quadrant of the acetabular labrum the 12:00
position superiorly to the 3:00 position anteriorly. There is short axis and
longitudinal tearing of the labral substance throughout the anterosuperior
quadrant. There is focal chondrolabral junction separation, there is focal
labral detachment from the 2:00 to 3:00 position. No paralabral cyst is noted.
 There is mild thinning and fraying of the articular cartilage along the
extent of the labral tear.
So I am not impressed at all, yet the results completely justify my pain.  I have significant labral tearing when I had an autograft AND an allograft done on this side in Sept. 2012!!!  That entire surgery seems to be a waste of all resources possible.  I've obliterated the labrum because the stupid dysplasia was not fixed. Obviously if my hip is clunking around and putting pressure on the labrum it's gonna retear.  I can't say that I am surprised, but finding out that my labrum is all torn up again makes me very sad and mad.  My previous surgeon was completely negligent by missing or choosing to ignore my dysplasia.  My lateral CE angle was measured as being 3 degrees less than on the side that I just got fixed, but these are the radiologist's surgeons readings are always different (usually worse angles), and I tend to trust my surgeon and not the radiologist's measurements.

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