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Saturday, May 3, 2014

9 Weeks Post Op

Yesterday marked my nine week post op from my left periacetabular osteotomy.  I can't say that I'm so thankful that I have done it yet as I am still too fresh out of surgery to be able to consider it a success.  I do know that my good ol' hip pain, deep ache, and catching is less pronounced than it was prior to surgery.  But this has been replaced with generalized achiness all over the pelvis.  My pubic symphysis has gone mad on me as it still hurts to touch lightly.  All this said, the hip is definitely more stable and I don't have the fear of it sliding/clunking around (although this only happened occasionally pre-op). 

The nerve pain continues.  I am still completely numb laterally but this doesn't hurt, its the medial/proximal thigh up into my crotch that really hurts.  I'm still taking Neurontin 200mg QHS but it might as well be a sleep aid and nothing else as it does help me fall asleep but it does not help with the nerve pain.  I intend on calling the surgeon in a week or so to increase my dosage.  You know what I really need is a primary care doctor!  That way I could eliminate the need for my orthopedic surgeon to write me scripts.  I will definitely do this, but the timing isn't great as I need to find one close to my hospital and I don't know that area very well, nor do I know who is good out there. 

As far as my function goes these days, it is slowly (SLOWLY) getting better.  I am still on one crutch almost all of the time inside the house.  Although I do manage to hobble around to cook myself my meals and when I need to carry light things I am able to do so without any crutches - it is just very trendelenburg in nature.  I can't say that it is only weakness nor only pain that requires me to use the one crutch because sometimes it doesn't hurt to place weight on my hip and it is just muscle weakness, while other times it downright hurts to put weight on my hip.  When I wake up in the morning, it hurts to put any weight on it for approximately an hour and then things settle down.  I am also showering without a shower chair (started last week!) and basically am completely independent.  I am still sleeping in the spare bedroom because my room is up 14 steep stairs and the fact that I am so sleepy due to meds in the middle of the night and still on crutches, it is just safer to remain in the spare bedroom.  It's a comfy bed and I don't mind it at all.  We still have yet to remove my own bed from the living room.  That was a Godsend post op, the bed in the living room, but I don't need it anymore and I've just been using it at night to watch TV, but only because it is there, not because I need it--the couch will do perfectly fine.

I can't wait to get back to a routine.  I have nothing to do all day and basically lounge around, watch Dexter, make earrings, answer emails, do paperwork.  Fairly boring, but this will all change once I start work July 1st.  Things will start to pick up starting next week. I received a lovely script in the mail yesterday for an arthrogram and MRI on my right hip, so I have that scheduled for Friday of this upcoming week.  Then on Monday have another doctor's appointment, followed by a physical/drug test/TB test at the hospital on Tuesday.  All of this plus PT on Monday and Wednesdays. 

Speaking of PT, I had another therapist on Thursday.  Well, actually, I just worked with the ATC.  It was helpful but I didn't feel as comfortable with her knowledge (she didn't realize the surgery I had nor had no idea that I actually kinda knew what I was talking about).  So, I will remain with the PT/ATC that I originally began with last week and go just two times.  I can totally do the home exercises and plus, I'll save some money!!

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