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Thursday, May 1, 2014

First Physical Therapy Sesh

Yesterday was my first session with my physical therapist (and her athletic therapist).  It was, overall, painful.  I really think that they got muscles that haven't been used in like two months.  We worked mostly on the hip flexors, adductors, glutes, quads.  Although I could only do three separate exercises because I got one of those amazing (not) sympathetic responses from a) trying so hard and b) pain.  It just kinda hit me and I got all sweaty, clammy, lightheaded, etc.  It was not fun.  So we decided that three exercises would be enough.  The PT adjusted my pelvis a bit as well since my pubic symphysis is like super tender to touch and crooked. 

I showed her my xrays on my phone and she said that it's no wonder my pubic symphysis hurts bc it's all arthritic.  Well...I knew it was sore to touch and it looks all jacked up on the, yeah...obviously it's gonna be crappy.  But she is going to work on leveling the pelvis out a bit too.  I appreciate her outlook:  she isn't focused on just my hips, but also my pelvis, and core.

I haven't worked with an athletic therapist in conjunction with my physical therapist on a regular basis, but it seems as if the ATC helps with the exercises and the physical therapist helps with the manual stuff.  I'm not sure how I feel about this, as I can do the exercises at home (once they show me what to do).  We will see how this works out.  I am going three days a week for the first couple of weeks, and then we will see how much I need.  I have unlimited PT visits with 10% co-insurance for a medically necessary condition.  So that is in my favour! :)

Me having such a response yesterday to the few exercises we did, they told me to anticipate being really sore.  Last night after therapy, I was beat!  I had to have a bath to wash all the sweat off since I was so scuzzy.  And then did end up taking a Norco (first one in weeks).  It helped things and I actually slept all night without waking up hurting (yay for pain pills when you need them)  I have PT today, but was told that if I woke up hurting a lot that I could call and cancel if going to PT was not going to be worth it.  So today, I am not too terribly sore.  The hip flexors and adductors feel like they've run a marathon, and my other hip hurts a lot, but overall, it's not too bad.  So I guess I should go to PT today.  Maybe they can stretch me out and release some muscles?! That would be amazing!

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