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Monday, May 2, 2011


Wahoo! I survived yet another freakin' arthrogram. I liken an arthrogram to being slapped in the face - no matter how many times you have one they still aren't fun. Really.

One good thing is that the anesthetic that was injected into the hip allowed me to flex my hip, internally rotate and all that jazz without any flinching of pain. No pain! I can flex past 90* for the first time in about a year. It is still all numbed up so there is no real pain. Just where the needle was placed is it sore. This makes me limp around and look like I can't walk but I CAN ACTUALLY MOVE MY HIP! That is very diagnostic that something is happening inside the hip.

Now the waiting starts. One week today I will have an idea on where I stand as far as what surgerical route we are going to take. Kind of worried that this is not just going to be a simple fix, but whatever will be will be, right?

So now I get to study on my bed all night eating Tylenol and icing my hip - should be fun!

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