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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Well, I had to take some meds last night to get to sleep. I kind of tossed and turned all night due to the fact that every time I moved/flipped in bed I got a stabbing pain in the hip. But I woke up this morning and all I have is some muscle tightness and some pain inside the joint. Nothing that I need to take meds for, but definitely more than normal. All my ROM is back to the way it was prior to the injection. Oh well.

It was nice though, the pain doctor used one of my incision sites as a guide to get into the hip, and because of all the scar tissue getting the needle in didn't hurt as much as it could have. One plus about having already had surgery there! lol

So, I limp around today, but I suspect that it should go away in a day or two.

Now the waiting until Monday to get the results.

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