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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Here We Go Again

Well, it looks like I am able to get just a hip scope instead of a PAO or labral reconstruction. I am so thrilled that there was enough labrum left over from my first scope on the left side to have the local surgeon refix what labrum is left. It appeared on MRI that there was no labrum left, but upon seeing pictures from my previous surgery, this surgeon thinks that there is enough that he can fix it up.

It appears that I have done something to the anterior labrum (again) and the posterior labrum looks a bit chewed up on MRI as well. So, I assume that I will get both of them fixed during the scope. Also, I had an incomplete CAM osteochondroplasty, so that will be taken down and the surgeon said that he would like to take some of the acetabular bone off as well to be safe because I have such a propensity to tear that we want all possible impingements removed. Which is good for me since I do NOT want another surgery. So, of all the surgeries I will have had, this will be the most work done inside the hip. But, I am up for this since I can't possibly keep living like this. I have had sore hips fro 4 years now and my current hip state is the most painful pre-op that I have ever been. It really does suck; but there is hope that I can get it fixed! yay.

I get a surgery date either tomorrow or the next day and am stoked about getting it done. Weird to say how happy I am, but, I just want a chance to not be in pain. Before both my other surgeries I knew that my hip hurt and that it was annoying, I couldn't exercise and had to be careful what I did, but this hip now is on a different level. I understand that it is only the labrum that is messed up, but now that I have more tearing than I ever have and that I have never actually healed from my surgery a year or so ago, it really does hurt more than ever. I can't walk a step without thinking of it, I can't lie on my side unless I have two pillows between my knees, I can't sit for more than 10 minutes without readjusting because of the groin pain (which is difficult to deal with when I am sitting studying 12 hours or so each day). All in all, I am fed up and needing surgery. Which means I want surgery really badly.

Heck, this will be hip surgery number three in the last three years. Hopefully this is my last surgery for a very long time. I would assume that I'll need hip replacements when I am older, but hopefully that is a very long time from now.

So, I'll post when I get a date and start planning the logistics behind this operation. I think I'll have to order a T-shirt that says: Hip Chick on it (from that website!) God knows I am a hip chick :)

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