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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The 3 Ps: Pain, Peroids, Problems

So this post may be TMI, but this whole chronic pain and generally not feeling well really wreaks havoc on the body's homeostasis. Since my surgery on January 5th my periods have been all messed up. I am usually extremely regular except for the month of my surgery (from past experience) but this time my body has freaked out. In 8 weeks I had had three cycles and since the last one about a month ago, I feel like I am at the very beginning of my cycle. Every day I have the mild cramping/bleeding. I know that it is not abnormal for thing like this to be altered after having surgery. But almost four months out and I am still having severe effects definitely caught my attention. I am not too worried about it and will bring it up at my next physical, which is a month away. But I just thought that I'd write about it since I am sure that some of you women out there have experienced this as well. Often times these things aren't discussed on forums/support groups.

Anywho, I'm still hanging in on this terrible fight of me vs. left hip. He seems to be winning at the moment. But am thoroughly looking forward to getting my anethetic cream tomorrow!!! Here's hoping it breaks my pain cycle.

I had to email my surgeon's ATC regarding my progress (they want weekly updates) I had been putting it off since I didn't want to email that I am feeling crappy and I hurt more than I did before. But when I realized that the significant increase in Naprosyn dosage didn't do a darn thing for me, I thought I should let them know. I don't expect a response as there really isn't anything for them to do. But I'll continue to be a good patient and continue to send them weekly progress emails as requested.


  1. I just began reading your blog last night. Holy crap you have been through it. I am dealing with hip problems, and have been for a while, but tomorrow is just my first surgery on my left hip. Both are bad.

    I am going to read through your archives while I recuperate. I am hoping you are feeling well. This is so stressful, I know. Without a good pair of hips, life is so difficult!

    I will keep reading! Great blog...

    in Seattle

    1. Brooke, GOOD LUCK tomorrow! Please let me know how things go and certainly shoot me an email with any questions you might have.