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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Roller Coasters

I've had many ups and downs, and seem to be stuck in a rut at the moment. I do owe an entire post (or two) to update on my follow-up appointment from two days ago, but I am still trying to process all of the information I was given. As well, I am dealing with emotions that run extremely deep right now. I will say that another surgery could very well be in the future for me as things are not progressing as they should. I am gutted. I promise to expand on it later, but I am not ready at the moment as I wasn't mentally ready for this lack of conclusion. I was expecting my appointment to be closure, and yet it still remains a mystery as to why and what my hips are doing.

I am excited about starting some medications to help me get through the day. Besides the post-op pain meds, I haven't been taking anything but OTC Aleve (which basically did nothing for my pain). Now I have prescription strength anti-inflammatories to take for three months, as well, I should be getting an anesthetic/calcium-channel blocker cream for my hip to help ease things up. I truly appreciate that my surgeon is doing something for my pain as it has been barely tolerable to function each day.

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