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Friday, June 29, 2012

13 Days Post Op

Nothing much is new on the hip front.  My left hip is still awesome and my right hip is miserable. I can't stand for any length of brushing my teeth requires too much standing, so I sit on the counter.  Stupid little things like that are pretty annoying.  I can though, shower without any help.  Although I still use the shower chair, I can fully wash myself without the aid of any brushes/sponges on the end of a stick.  This is something I haven't done in a very long time, and, as you can tell, I am very excited.

My left hip has extremely acceptable flexion, although it does hurt at the very end point of the flexion.  PT says that if I kept this amount of flexion, it would be considered normal.  Internal rotation is still improving.  I am not allowed to extend or externally rotate my hip until day 21, so I am unable to comment on these ROM at this point.  I am still 20 pounds weight bearing (basically the weight of my leg while touching flat foot on the ground), I am still wearing the Philippon-Bedsloe hip brace while ambulating, I am still using SCDs and the CPM at night.  I am only able to sleep on my back which is sometimes quite difficult to remain asleep.  And when I am not in the CPM and relaxing, I must be bolstered into the bolster (anti-rotational boots). Ah well, I am getting by on a decent amount of sleep these days, even if it is drug-induced!

Monday may actually yield some answers regarding trying to get my right hip surgery scheduled.  The PA is in the office on Monday and the surgery scheduling lady will be speaking with him as my right hip is not mentioned in the clinic note he dictated.  Lovely, eh?  This really shouldn't have happened as, in a note, one should include everything that occurred during that appointment.  I have called the PA asking him to call me.  As well, the surgery scheduling lady will be talking with him.  So hopefully something comes out of this as I am no further along in scheduling the right hip surgery than I left the clinic from my appointment 8 days ago.  I mean, 8 days isn't a long time, but time is of the essence as a) I would like this done prior to August first, and b) Dr. P's schedule is really super packed and he books months and months out in advance.  I am going to play up the fact that I cannot stand on my right and it hurts like the dickens, plus I was told that I am a priority case.  All this said though, if they do not think that I am going to be strong enough on the left side or if they feel like my left side needs more time to prevent inflammation which will prevent scar tissue, then, by all means, I will wait.  Although this would be less than ideal financially, I will do whatever I am told by the doctors and physical therapists as I want this next surgery to be my LAST surgery for a very long time.

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