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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Where I Stand Now

Right now, things on the left side are going amazingly well.  The right side, horrible.  I am feeling absolutely wonderful on the left, most recently operated hip.  It feels so free and smooth.  I am in love with it.  Yes, I still have surgical pain and inflammation, but the horrible, deep pain that was there before surgery is gone.  In fact, this evening was the first time I have washed my own feet with my hands in many, many moons.  Small, but important thing to note.  I would say that I have no groin pain and 2-3 out of 10 pain on the left, which is surgical and nothing too concerning.  Although, I must say that I am severely paranoid about scar tissue formation or an anchor falling out.  I've never been worried like this before, but then again, I've never had anything to lose.  The anchor worry stems from the fact that I now have 9 new anchors in my hip, making that a total of 16 anchors in the left acetabulum.  Let's hope they are all nice and tight....forever! My one incision has stopping draining, but the other one has not, hence it is still taped up.  I will prolly add pictures to these blog posts one afternoon.

My right side is another story. Having it be the sole weight bearer is not cool.  I sometimes hurt so badly that I can't stand on the right leg.  Hopefully this will be able to get fixed soon.  I have some ironing out to do.  When I emailed the surgical scheduling lady at the surgeon's office she said that there was nothing mentioned about my right side in the note dictated and that we wouldn't be able to schedule surgery until my 6 week follow up.  Ha.  This is NOT what we had planned.  She is going to speak with the PA about his note as we had all agreed on doing the right hip at the six week mark, and before August first.  She is also saying that the schedule may not allow for this either.  Blah.  I swear these people need to get their act in order because this hip is going downhill fast being the 'good' weight bearing leg and my insurance changes August 1st, meaning being able to get the right side done before this date could save me thousands of dollars!

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