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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

AWOL: My life has been turned upside down!

I apologize for not posting, I was going to after my appointment with Dr. P, but then it turned out to be such an emotional time that I had to give it a couple of days before I could post, then everything started happening so quickly that I just haven't had the time.

Story goes as follows...

I saw Dr. P last Wednesday and after examining me, looking at my MRIs and radiographs, he said that nobody should have to live like this and things are obviously very wrong with both hips. I kinda figured this as I can't stand nor do my clerkships anymore without significant pain.  It is significantly affecting my life and school.  So, he said that he wouldn't want me to wait and he could come in on Saturday June 16 to operate on my left hip.  He said he wouldn't wait any longer since my ROM is decreasing rapidly.  As far as the right goes, as soon as the left side is strong enough to support my weight (prolly 8-12 weeks) we have to have surgery on the right.  And so, the saga continues.

I will go into details on what is planned for each hip, but I do not have time right now.  Currently though, everything is in place for this weekend.  I have flights, condo, car, pre-op appointments all set up.  I will be in Vail from Friday June 15th until Thursday June 21st.  I have pre-op all afternoon on Friday and they will figure out when the surgery will be planned for the Saturday.

As far as school goes, I have taken an emergent leave of absence and will be returning back to clerkships in February of 2013.  This gives me ample time to recuperate from two surgeries and get my health all straightened out so that I can at least function, if not feel all better.

No time to get nervous or scared now.  When Dr. P says jump, everybody says how high????!!!!!!

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