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Saturday, June 30, 2012

14 Days Post Op

It is hard to believe that two weeks ago today I was in surgery getting my left fixed up. I must say I'm doing quite well and am very happy with the progress I've made. Today I spent a significant amount of time in the pool. Half of the time doing exercises and half of the time just floating with my legs dangling in the pool. It felt amazing doing both the exercises as well as floating. I did backward kicking and deep water jogging for ten minutes each. In addition, I did standing abduction. The hip muscles felt great and the right hip didn't catch too many times. All in all it was a good day in the water. It was also wonderful weather. I don't mind rehabbing and getting a tan all at once.

 My home PT exercises are going well too. I can do all of them that have been prescribed to me thus far and feel like I could do more. Today marks the last Voltaren that I have to take. Now I go on extended release aspirin and doxycycline. I hate taking doxy with a passion as it really does a number on my stomach. The tablets just make me nauseated, which I can handle, but the capsules make me barf. Thank goodness I have the tablets right now, but who knows if I'll get the tablets in the refill.

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