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Monday, September 10, 2012

2 Weeks Left of Walking

I cannot believe that there is only two weeks left before I go in for another surgery.  I am really not digging having another surgery.  After repeated surgeries, I have found that many people, especially my extended family, feel as if it is no big deal. Oh, yup, she's having another one.  I think that to others it becomes old hat.  When in reality, it gets harder to handle and this is the time I need the most support.  After my first surgery I had people send cards, call, visit.  This next surgery, I don't expect any of it.  I didn't have one visitor for at least a month after.  Although I probably wouldn't remember half of my visits if I got one anyway, still, it sucks to have surgery become mundane to those around you when it becomes more and more frustrating each time I have to go in and have my hip repaired.  Blah.

Enough negativity.  Sorry.  As of now I truly believe that my left hip is strong enough to withstand having the other hip done.  It isn't perfect but is a heck of a lot better than before this last surgery.  Which was kinda the goal.  I do wonder what he thinks about the longevity of these hip scopes he is doing.  I wonder if I am done with surgery for years and years or if I should expect more to come.  Having said this, this upcoming surgery will be the last surgery for me for a while regardless of what the surgeon expects as I simply cannot handle any more currently.  This has to give me enough relief to get through medical school and ideally residency.  My body is tired and completely exhausted from having to recurrently recover from surgeries.  So this is it for a looooong while.  Woot woot!!!

I am currently only taking Aleve during the day and my birth control at night.  No other narcotics at all since I want them to work the best possible after surgery.  In doing this, I am not sleeping wonderfully, but it is a small price to pay to get maximum post op pain relief.

Now, I have the final countdown to a final surgery for a very long time.  That idea that I am going to be done with hip surgeries for a long time is truly helping me through this next chapter in this freaking hip saga!

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  1. Good luck with your surgery. I know what you mean about others thinking you are a surgery pro. In reality, each one is more taxing than the last. I really hope this is your grand finale! Well wishes!