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Friday, September 21, 2012

4 Days Until Surgery

Wow, yes, I am nervous.  Yes, I am excited to be fixed.  I am so thankful for how everything is shaking down at this point.  Lets hope the positive vibes continue on for many moons.  In fact, I have raised just over $2600 for my medical bills.  That is incredible!  I can't believe how the people around me have been so generous to give money towards helping pay for my costs.  Stupid insurance companies.  Being on your own with an extensive medical history is not the most ideal situation in which to find yourself.

In four days I will have a new labrum with a fixed hip (exact procedures will be discussed on Monday).  The thought of that is super exciting (and nerve wracking).  I am so so so ready to get this over with.  Surgery is the first thing I think about in the morning and the last thing I think about at night.  It is kinda overwhelming me at the moment.  But, it will come and go and I'll be stronger for it.  I am not looking forward to going to the clinic, I am sure everybody will be like "you again?!"  In case any of you didn't notice, it is the cool thing to have repeated surgeries every couple months.  Although, I don't recommend trying it since it has a tendency to flip your life upside down and stalls it for a year.

I leave tomorrow for Colorado.  *insert stomach flip here*  We have all day Sunday to sight see and hopefully attend the farmers market in the main village.  That will be neat!  Take some lovely pictures.  And then Monday, measurements at physical therapy at 9:00 am and then pre/post op appointment at 10:30 am.  Which means I'll see the athletic therapist, physician assistant, and fellow in the morning and then probably the surgeon in the afternoon.  Mix in there getting my scripts for my medications and a pregnancy test, it makes a full day!

Here's to fixed bodies and health!!!!!!!  woot woot.

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