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Sunday, August 4, 2013

208 Days

I may sound like a freak, but if all goes according to plan, I will be able to get my surgery done in 208 days.  That's not too too far way when you put it into days like that.  I can survive 208 more days of this, right? 

My hip slips out of the socket every so often.  Rolling over in bed, standing or twisting the wrong way and BAM! Sharp pain that makes me gasp for breath.  The other side does not hurt very much.  It does on occasion but not nearly like the left hip.  It does slip outwards but it goes right back in and then doesn't cause me any further grief.  I hope to avoid any type of surgery on that side for many many years, but will see how things shape up after I get the left hip all sorted out.

I was looking at an article of the PAO surgery and had to stop reading because it was making me worked up.  The article included some pictures.  Talk about graphic!  It amazes me that people can break peoples pelvises and other bones for a living.  This type of work is definitely not for me on so many levels.  But I am extremely thankful that there are special people out there that can do it....this gives me a chance at getting my life back!

As far as pain management goes, now I am taking Tylenol--3000mg total in a day, and Voltaren 75mg daily, and then in the evenings taking Tramadol when I need it and a muscle relaxant at night to help me sleep.  This regimen is ok, but does not really cut it for when I am on my feet all day.  Ideally I'd be taking the Tramadol during the day, but I can't chance it being that my mind has to be sharp all day.  Maybe after my important rotations are up in September I can fiddle around with meds during the day...until then, I'm sucking it up.  I didn't ever think that I could have such a sore hip and keep on going on with life.  I mean, I have hurt for many years but this is, by far, the most daily pain I've been in since this whole ordeal started.  I never have good days, I just have bad and worse ones.  I'm not even 30 years old and am popping pills within 5 minutes of waking up and throughout the day just to get through the day on my feet.

And, to add on to the issues, I have seriously hurt my shoulder.  About a month ago I dislocated my shoulder putting on my purse and something inside REALLY hurt.  I knew I had hurt it.  I took it really easy and it eventually started to feel better after 2 weeks.  So as soon as I started using it again the pain has come back.  The pain is definitely coming from within the joint.  I am icing and putting Voltaren gel on it as well.  So back to taking it easy on this shoulder.  Gotta love being a bendy person. UGH. 

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