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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Off my feet for one week

Me being on vacation is glorious rest for my hips.  Seriously.  MUCH needed.  Although the drive home killed my back.  I realize that most of the pain is muscular, but this is unnecessary pain.  I had to use a portable heating package thing all day. I literally feel like everything hurts, even with my time off.  I can't imagine how crabby I'd be if I was doing rotations now.

Plus, I had decided that I needed to start strengthening core and upper body because I have to be able to hold myself up on crutches in six months and I'm so weak in the arms that it could cause problems (since I am prone to dislocations in the shoulders, clavicles, wrists).  I can't see how I could do 8 or so weeks on crutches without making my upper body miserable in my current state of strength.  Yesterday I tried with VERY light weights upper body exercises.  I will stress that I was taking it VERY easy.  Nonetheless, my shoulder hurt immediately after I finished, as did my darn hip.  So I haven't done anything and need to let things heal up.  I may email my previous PT to have him send me some upper body isometrics/stretching/etc.  I need to build up strength without hurting myself.

I also gathered up enough courage to call the surgeon's office to have a chat with his nurse about my medications.  I literally ration out my tramadol so I don't have to call back to have refills (they seemed very leery about giving me meds previously).  Now though, I can call once a month, leave a message, and she will call in tramadol and voltaren no questions asked until I can get surgery.  I should have asked about scheduling, but totally forgot because I was so elated about getting the medications so easily.  I will surely ask about scheduling next time I one month.

In exactly six months I will hopefully have had my PAO.  Yay and eek.

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