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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Walking Around All Day = Ouchie.

Yesterday was very eye-opening for me and where I stand with this hip deal.  I know that I hurt and have difficulty doing rotations, but it didn't strike me that I can barely be on my feet for any significant period of time without being in significant pain.  I realize that pain is all relative, and that by this point, I undoubtedly have some sort of central sensitization and feel more pain, but this does not excuse the reality: I can barely do anything extra beyond my necessary activities. 

Albeit, I did see some amazing wildlife at the aquarium!!  It was a blast!  Just very very very hard for me to walk around.  I suppose this is a very important lesson to learn because I do not want to do more damage.  But I also need to live my life.  I only have one!  Sitting around and icing every moment not on wards is not exactly the most healthy way to live.

On another note, I really feel like I am scared to take my tramadol because I am afraid I will run out.  I am only given 40 pills with no refills.  This is not a very strong medication and there is no way that I should be scared to take meds to make it through the day.  I only feel this way because the nurse with whom I speak to on the phone isn't very receptive to my asking for refills.  In general, she isn't very receptive during any of our phone conversations.  I realize that my surgeon is a surgeon first and deals with operations and post-op care, so I can't blame him to not want to deal with pre-op people like myself.  But, it was his idea to call in as much tramadol as I needed, not mine.  Which makes me wonder if I should get myself a new PCP who will be willing to prescribe more than simply Aleve (which is what my current PCP believes will help me get through my days).  I should be able to have medications to help me get through my days and be able to take my tramadol every evening and not be worrying if I am going to run out.  Why suffer when there are medications out there to help?  I am not asking for narcotics (although the odd one at night would really help), I just need somebody willing to refills scripts.  The surgeon himself keeps saying he is willing to do so, but the nurse is the one who does the actual calling in, and she is a bit persnickety.  Ah well.  I suppose a phone call when I am on vacation will clarify the confusion. 

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