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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Decent Day

Today was a decent day, ALL day. I think that this is the first full day that I have not significantly deteriorated after dinner. It was great to fell decent in the evening. Although this was helped with a bit of acetaminophen, but still, it is a step forward. Another first today as well, for a couple of minutes I actually forgot that I had surgery! It only lasted briefly since I thought I could go up the two steps out of the living room with a bounce in my step. Alas, my hip is not ready for bouncing of any kind; and he told me as soon as I did it.

So, as it stands now, the things that I need to work on is my hip extension (hip capsule still stiff as anything), quadriceps strength (still significantly atrophied), and ROM in all directions.

Comparing this to my last scope, I was off crutches now and walking with a slight lurch to the affected side due to the gluteal muscles all being cut (ha, I checked my old blog). But, I did not have this anterior tightness that would not go away. One thing that struck me about my notes from last surgery, is that I already thought that my left hip had a tear! In fact, I noted the same groin pain and catching only two weeks after my first scope on the right side. Amazing how much has changed with my hips since then....healed up on hip and got the other done. Oh how sweet it will be when my hips are fixed and I can live like a normal 25 year-old without hip pain? And be active? I haven't been active at all since 2007. I can't wait!!!


P.S. I certainly hope this offsets some of the negativity from my previous post!

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