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Monday, July 12, 2010

Getting Busier

Well, it appears as if I have missed my five week update. I did take some pictures, but I didn't have time to post them up. Ah well, I suppose a 6 week update in the next couple of days will suffice.

As far as the hip is feeling, it is slowly getting better. Each day I wake up feeling great. I can walk without a limp if I don't take full steps. But as the day progresses it gets more painful and then I can't extend backwards at all and I limp. My goal was to go to my surgeon without limping, but this is not going to happen unless I suddenly wake up tomorrow without a tight anterior hip capsule. (Which is highly unlikely).

So tomorrow I go see my surgeon for my six week follow-up. I get radiographs done a half hour before my scheduled appointment. I really can't wait to see my radiographs and arthroscopy pictures from inside my hip. Also, I am going to see what he thinks about my one incision. It just doesn't feel right to me. Having the slight troubles with the sutures for the past couple of weeks, I am concerned that I have a stitch inside. But this might simply be my paranoia setting in. I bet that he says that it is just scar tissue. But, nevertheless, I have to ask him just to be sure.

Another exciting thing about tomorrow is that my brother is coming home and going to drive to my appointment with me. I have to drive out of town to the large teaching hospital for the area and it will be great to travel with my brother. I don't get to see him much and he has come home to spend some time with me before I head off to school next week. Given that having an appointment out of town takes the entire day to drive there, have the appointment, and then drive home; it will be great to have sibling company!

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