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Friday, July 16, 2010

Phone Frustration

Well, I was supposed to set up an appointment to see my OS during my Christmas break and I am having a terrible time getting a hold of the secretary. I called yesterday and had to call back this morning because she didn't know when he was taking his holidays. So I called back today and she was too busy so she called me back later. I was waiting my my phone but then my phone line went cooky and I couldn't answer it, so I have to call back on Monday, but I am traveling 11 hours in the car to get back to school. So I can't call Monday either. To makes things worse, it looks like I will have my appointment on Jan. 4th, so that means that I will be missing two days of school. This really sucks because it puts me behind the eight ball to start off the semester, but I guess it is worth it to get the final closure on the hip situation.

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