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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Returning to School = Unhappy Hips

I have officially returned to classes for two days now and wow, my mind is ready to go but my body isn't. I don't have a choice but to increase my activity. I have 26 stairs just to get to my bedroom in my apartment. Also, all of my food is on the lower shelves in the kitchen which requires me to bend over to get my food out. It certainly is the little things that hurt that make my life difficult at the moment.

I find that the worst time of day, besides at night before bed, right after my morning lectures. I sit in a lecture hall for four hours straight. When I go to get up and grab some lunch I can barely walk across the street to my apartment. But, I go slowly and can make it there in time to eat, take some Ibuprofen and Tylenol and then go back to class for a couple of hours more of lecture. All the sitting is killing me. But, I suppose I am managing the best I can.

Funny thing is that my other hip is actually more sore than my most recently operated hip. I think it is from bending whilst standing on my right leg that has it irritated. I know this hip isn't 100% so it doesn't surprise me that it is protesting a bit. I guess no, or very minimal, bending over for me for the next. Hopefully it calms down because having two sore hips really sucks!

So I have gone backwards a bit, but I expected this. I am sure that it will get better as I get stronger.

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