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Saturday, July 31, 2010


Today was a very interesting day on the hip front. At school the fellows were giving out free treatments and I decided that I could go. It wouldn't hurt and it would probably make me and my hip feel better. Well, it may or may not have been a good idea.

At my medical school there are some doctors who specialize in musculoskeletal medicine (physical medicine and rehabilitation to be exact). Well, I saw somebody who is training under the doctors here and apparently I am still so sore because all my muscles and fascia are warped into weird positions and cause me pain. I had my treatment today and the fellow used a new fascial technique that, well, to say the least, hurt A LOT. To be quite honest, it might have been the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. Although this might bruise and cause severe discomfort now, it should reset my fascial pattern (which is screwed up all the way to the hip joint itself). Sigh, so I am REALLY, REALLY sore now.

The thing that was bad about the treatment, besides it hurting so much, was that it really didn't make a difference because the fellow couldn't "get in there" enough to release the fascia, and, we were in a wide open setting and he didn't feel comfortable a) uncovering the butt, groin region and b) making me cry or yelp because of the pain.

Apparently this, if done correctly, hurts like the dickens, but should reset everything so as to help me recovery very quickly (after I have recovered from the treatment itself). This is a new an up-and-coming technique that they are trying out here at my medical school.

Although I didn't get any benefits (ie increased ROM), the fellow is going to talk to the doctors (two of them here do this treatment) and will see if they can fit me into their schedule. There is at least a month's wait list to see these doctors, but, seeing as I work in lab with these doctors on a regular basis, they would work me in. So, I wait in limbo for yet another doctors appointment. Hopefully this will give me relief after some pain....but then, maybe I am being masochistic and just seeking pain without potential benefits.

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