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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bathing Suit Nightmare

So yeah, I went bathing suit shopping on Friday and, although this is a horrible thing to do in the first place, it is great when you notice just how deformed hips can get after surgery. Don't get me wrong, I am proud of my scars (all 13 of them!) but the fact that my hips are two different shapes isn't exactly awesome. I am pretty sure that my surgeon squeezed the fat from the front of my hip and bunched it up on the side when he did took part of my ITB for the new labrum because I have a fat pouch that sticks out significantly to the side. Perhaps I should ask him to suck out some fat the next time he's in there?! Good thing is, I found a suit that hides exactly what I needed hidden ;)

And these two hours of shopping really solidified the fact that I need to do something about these hips.  I cannot function like a normal person at all.  I struggle to do anything on my feet.  So, without a doubt, if he'll operate, I'm IN.  Whole heartedly, I'll take a year off and get my hips fixed.  Period.

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