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Friday, August 3, 2012

48 Days Post-Op (L) & 52 Days Pre-Op (R)

I'm just about half way between surgeries.  Woot woot!  It can't come soon enough.  I have to say that my left hip is feeling pretty good.  I still have the painful flexion.  This pain begins around 110 degrees but I can push it all the way to 130 degrees as I was instructed to push through the pain.  That is precisely what I do.  I would love an injection to calm the hip down, but I will have to wait and see because maybe it will settle down on its own.

I am continuously doing exercises and pool work to strengthen my hip.  I love, love, love the pool and am going to email them in Vail to see if there can be a progression made for the pool.  Otherwise I am good with all of the other exercises still.

As far as insurance goes, I have found a plan that is better than the one my school provided but still not wonderful.  I am, therefore, trying to raise some money via a website donation program.  I am unsure if this will generate any money, but, I've posted it on Facebook, emailed it out, and added a link here.  It's just so hard financially to pay for all of the medical expenses.  Especially since I've been through 5 other surgeries.  The travel, accommodations, copays, deductibles, physical therapy, durable medical devices all really add up.  Especially when I am a student in debt up to my eye balls, how the heck am I going to pay for it?  I will find a way as I NEED my life back.  I have had to take a year off from school and am unable to work.  It's a huge deal, and I know I will get through it, but any financial input would be so, so, so appreciated. Sigh, we will see. I'm not getting my hopes up to raise much money, so anything really will be remarkable.

Here's the link:

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