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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Here. We. Go. Again.

I totally missed my 8 week post op post.  Whoops!  It is basically the same as I feel now almost 9 weeks post op.  I suppose I can give an update as to my current status.  The left hip is feeling pretty darn smooth, and the flexion pinch is a little less. My extension when I walk still hurts, which is the most bothersome of the motions for me.  My internal rotation bites a bit too, but I am hoping all of this is expected at this point.  I do wish that I could see my surgeon now as it would definitely help ease my mind (or necessarily worry me), either way, I'd love to know if this is expected of me at this point.  I've never had a successful surgery so I'm unsure of what 'normal' is!

I am sleeping terribly still.  Not that I am pounding full of pain, but that I am unable to get into a position that is comfy enough to actually fall asleep.  This, added to the fact that I do not do normal activities of a person living life (no, sleeping in and lounging all day with the one to two sets of hip exercises are not enough to make me tired).  I still take the odd half to full Norco depending on my pain levels.  I took one tonight because I had to go to the mall to get some flat shoes for the wedding in which I will be standing in October (yes, I am going to be the Maid of Honour on crutches...sweetah!)

I got my pre-op package in an email today.  Eek!  It is actually happening.  I have to get my PCP to get some labs done and a urine analysis.  All very expected, what wasn't expected is the fact that if my lovely insurance company does not want to provide pre-authorization for either my revision surgery or a labral reconstruction, I have to pay $10,000 down payment to the Steadman Clinic prior to my surgery.  And what ever is NOT covered, they will take the money out of the down payment, and refund me the rest.  Because yes, everybody has $10K lying around!!!!!!  Not!  I am going to pray and would appreciate it if you could pray as well that we get pre-authorization granted so that I do not have to worry about this for much longer.  We submitted for pre-auth in the last couple of days, 6 weeks early, to try to deal with the unexpected hiccups should they arise.  I know you can't put a price on health, but whoa!  Money is extremely tight and I want my life back and want functional hips.  So, let's pray that this works out the best possible way.

Oh, and my website has now raised 23% of my $2000 goal.  That's pretty good.  I'm excited because any amount helps.  I wish that I new somebody who was filthy rich and they could simply donate enough money for me to have my at least $7500. Ha.  Wishful thinking!  I really do hate how I get so stressed over finances.  It literally makes me sick to my stomach thinking about all of the money I have been spending.  Not to mention I am $100K in debt from school.  I know one day I will be able to make some money, but until then, I do have to make my limited finances last.  So no shopping sprees or buying extras for me for a very long time.  Boy I will have to appreciate having pain free hips after all of this.  I know God will provide.....mind you, I'd appreciate a break right about now.


  1. Vicky,
    Which surgeon are you seeing in the US?
    I saw Dr Sampson a week ago, extremely knowledgeable surgeon. I have to have both my hips operated on for tears.

    Hope your doing good.

  2. Heyy, I am seeing Dr. Philippon in Vail. I've heard of Dr. Sampson! I am glad he seems knowledgeable to you. When are the surgeries hoping to be planned?

  3. Dr Philippon, I've heard he's really good. I've thought of seeing him, as my sister and BIL live out in CO, but San Fransisco is just an hour drive for me, and I've heard Sampson is very good too.

    I don't have a surgery date set yet, the problem is the insurance. Sampson doesn't take insurance, but from my understanding that doesn't mean insurance won't pay for it, or at least a portion. I still have to figure that one out. That's a biggie. Oh, Sampson said I do have a little FAI and that is what caused my issue. He said he would take care of that.

    So that's where I'm at now, still nothing set in stone.

    My hips are sorta hurting right now, not sure why. What is strange is that doing my cardio routine at the gym seems to help my hips. I went to the gym on Fri/Sat/Sun and my hips seemed pretty good. Today no gym and no so good hips...

    I hope your right side goes without a hitch...