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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pre Op Day 52 & Pre Op Day 48

Sleeping is horrible.  Literally horrible.  I tend to lie there awake and then when I finally do fall asleep, I wake up every time I move.  This is partially due to my left but mostly due to my right, it is probably a good idea to continue to take my pain meds despite not wanting to keep taking them.  I am utterly exhausted.  My hamstring attachment and psoas are no better than they were on Saturday and it's really aggravating.  I am sure they will settle down, but it is so uncool as my right is so sore.

Walking has been pretty good.  The latest muscle strains make the left hurt to weight bear, but nothing that I can't handle.  And overall the joint feels good.  I have some groin pinching upon full extension still, but otherwise the left is managing.  My right is quite aggravated and feel that it won't get any better until Dr. P fixes the joint.

Today was the first time I didn't use a shower chair!  I was thoroughly proud of myself.  I even shaved my legs. Shaving the left leg is easier in that I can bend forward but...standing on the right leg for that long made the joint throbbing increase in intensity for an hour or so after the shower.  I'll have to focus on the positive aspect that I don't have to contort myself to shave the left leg as before I had to do so in order to prevent myself from getting hairy manly legs because the joint wouldn't move very much at all (the left hip was so tight that Dr. P said it was the tightest hip he's ever felt...I remember kidding! It HURTS!)  I digress.

I am trucking along these days doing waaay more home PT exercises than I can handle.  I am wondering if I am doing too much?  I am going to speak with my PT today as we may be able to tailor the program to cut back on the number of things I do each day to reduce my pain levels.  We will see later on today.

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  1. Hello, so glad to see you're still making progress.

    I will be going to see Dr Sampson soon. I'm looking for to his opinion.

    Have you tried using Biofreeze on your affected muscles that are sore? I've been going through a lot of it.

    Sorry to read about the sleep. I don't like taking pain meds, except for an occasional OTC. One that I do like is Tylenol arthritis, all it really is, is just an extended release of acetaminophen, that works for 8 hrs. I'll take that a night sometimes.

    Hope to read more progress.