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Sunday, October 14, 2012

19 Days Post Op

I can finally see some improvements in the pain levels.  Which ROCKS!  I still feel like my hip is going to explode out the side with pain when I stand up near the end of the day, but this is slightly less breathtaking and doesn't start to occur until suppertime.  This means that I have been taking pain meds just to get me through the evening time to bed.  And now I have cut out the Valium and replaced it with Robaxin at night.  This combo seems to work, although the Valium works better and allows me to get more time in the CPM without having to get out due to a sore back, but the less drugs the better at this point.

Functionally I believe I am doing pretty well.  I can put my own socks and shoes on (as I have no flexion restrictions) without pain.  I can shower without having to get my feet lifted in (I can hoist my feel up and over the ledge myself).  I can get dressed (but this takes about 3 times longer than it should).  I can get in and out of bed myself if I'm not in the CPM (getting in and out of the CPM is still kinda difficult because it requires a lot of hoisting and I am not looking to hurt my hip flexors (which are super finicky these days).

My right hip joint feels great though.  It has so much smooth, glorious motion! Flexion and internal rotation, and abduction.  I can't do much adduction due to the swelling from the ITB and my external rotation and extension restrictions get lifted Tuesday.  I only have incisional pain on the right side.  My left hip isn't feeling wonderful.  Before my surgery I thought my left hip felt so good, and it did compared to what it had before and compared to my right hip.  Now seeing how great my right hip feels, my left is still not perfect.  Maybe it never will be.  And I'm okay with that, but it needs to be functioning enough to get me through school (and preferably residency).  I hope this groin pain, getting stuck is all just inflammation from being the sole weight bearing.  I am sure that it what it is!  And my psoas!  My PSOAS!  Ack!  That says it.  I kinda wish it was never released.  I've had so many failures, it's hard to trust the hip.  I must trust!

I had a conversation with my mum the other day, made me think.  I was talking about my hips and how seeing Dr. P isn't a waste of money/time because he is the best in the world with some of the best success rates.  My mum then said that she hasn't seen his results come through.  I thought for a second, and she is right, he has operated on my left side twice and I still haven't a hip that I can trust.  I really believe my right side will be amazing once all healed, but this left.  Makes me worried.  He promises me not to give up on my hips, but I refuse more surgery at this point and need a left hip that works relatively pain free.


  1. if worse comes to worse on either your right or left, did the doc talk about hip resurfacing? would that be an option?

  2. Heyy, no, no replacements or resurfacing for me. My cartilage is in good condition (minor arthritis on the acetabulum which was treated during last surgery). Hope you are holding up alright!